Barrie Begins Planning Ahead And Wants You To Weigh In

Planning Department Needs Public Input in Early Stages of Crafting New 20-Year Plan

The City of Barrie has started crafting a document that could guide the city’s development for the next two decades.

These are the early stages of the Official Plan for the City of Barrie, an overarching plan for the city that is said to set the community vision and establish the guiding principles for the future of the City.

First step was a public meeting at City Hall on Monday night, where one of the plan’s main authors, Director of Planning Andrea Bourrie, highlighted a key point: public consultation is vital to the process. “I want to reinforce the fact this is just the kickoff. There will be lots more opportunity for public consultation and input before the document is presented to general committee for approval.”

This isn’t the first time the city has laid the groundwork for the decades ahead; The City of Barrie Official Plan was first ratified by the council of the day in 1994. Bourrie says now is the time to figure out what does and doesn’t work for everyone. “”We know there are many members of the public… who have ideas and thoughts on what’s been working really well for the Official Plan in Barrie, and what needs to have some thought, and potentially some revision.”

Barrie residents are encouraged to get involved in the planning process through the Building Barrie website.

Any Official Plan has to start somewhere, and this one starts with five main priorities: the City says the Official plan will focus on the economy, safety and health, strong neighbourhoods, easy-to-use services for residents, and improving getting from point A to B in town with an emphasis on active transportation.

A draft of the Official Plan is expected for review by October of this year, while a ratification of it would come in early 2020.