Barrie City Hall looking for participants in Business in the Park pilot program

Pilot provides expanded venues to allow for larger capacity

The City of Barrie has a new fresh air program it is putting in place, inviting local businesses to get on board.

It’s called Business in the Parks, and the pilot program would see local organizations operate in public parks. Right now, City Hall is accepting proposals to book outdoor space at Meridian Place or the Kiwanis Pavilion at Southshore Park.

The pilot would allow eligible businesses to operate in these open-air spaces to maximize capacity and potentially create new revenue generation opportunities. Businesses must be registered with the City of Barrie to be eligible for the program and must operate in a closed format like making use of pre-registration. This could include private dance instructions, art workshops, fitness or music classes, and the like.

Those activities based around serving or preparing food, beverages, or cannabis are not eligible for the program.

The pilot program will run from September 8 to October 31 of this year. Booking fees are $75 for a half-day and $100 for a full day. HST will apply to both.

The pilot program came about through consultation with the business community as part of the city’s Economic Recovery Action Plan.