Barrie City Council to establish anti-racism task force to help guide local organizations

Task force to be made up of individuals selected by committee

Barrie City Council has given an initial nod to the establishment of an anti-racism task force.

As a means of combatting racism within the city, the new task force will work actively with police services, education representatives like local school boards, community groups, municipal organizations, service providers, and business representatives. It is hoped this task force will facilitate a stronger understanding of the needs of Barrie’s racialized populations.

The task force will be given a mandate once drafted but is expected to include the ability to hold organizations and institutions responsible for implementing anti-racism initiatives, research and raise awareness of best practices, and help make change that will strengthen the community long-term.

The Anti-Racism Task Force is being sponsored by both the Barrie Police Service and the Mayor’s Office, and both will commit $5,000 for the initial work setting up the task force. Semi-annual presentations will be made to city council to update everyone on the task force’s activities and initiatives.

The city is expected to soon form a steering group to select members of this task force and establish its mandate.