Barrie Fire Prevention Officer Goes Above And Beyond For Local Mom

Service's Jeff Holmyard Devotes Day Off To Making Single Mom's Home Safer For Challenged Sons

Barrie Fire is showing us they’re not just about fighting fires.

The Service took to Twitter Friday morning to crow about the actions of one of its Fire Prevention Officers, Jeff Holmyard.

Once Holmyard learned of a single mom with two challenged sons who wouldn’t be able to evacuate in the event of a fire, he jumped into action. He helped her come up with a Shelter-In-Place plan, along with extra smoke alarms and a special fire door.

“…it was just something he thought was important.”

Acting Platoon Chief Judith Myddelton

Holmyard’s acting Platoon Chief, Judith Myddelton, says Holmyard didn’t even make a big deal out of it. “What makes it even more special, is that he just asked for time off, without even telling us why he was taking the time off. So we didn’t know he was doing it, it was just something he thought was important.”

Myddelton says Holmyard was very thorough. “He evaluated the home, and found a spot that was best for her that he thought would work. He told her to add extra protection, so that they’d have earlier warning than the average person would have.” says Myddelton, “They’d have lots of notice. And she has a plan, she’s written it down, she’s practiced it, and Jeff’s gone over it with her and thinks that’s a good idea.”

Meanwhile everyone is being encouraged to plan their own escape route, details can be found through the Barrie Fire Service.