Barrie Housing Prices on the Rise

County Housing Sales Outpaced Barrie

The average price of a Barrie home has gone up.

The Barrie and District Association of Realtors says there was a nearly 2% increase in the price of the average home from October 2017 to 2018, to about $480,448.

While the price per home rose slightly from one October to the next, the number of sales in that period declined eight per cent.

“We’re still seeing incremental increases in both price and number of homes sold in the region compared to October 2017,” says Geoff Halford, 2018 BDAR President. “In Simcoe County, the number of homes sold and price is up marginally from last year. There is a decrease in the number homes sold in Barrie alone, but the price of these homes rose 2.1%.”

Meanwhile, units sold throughout the rest of Simcoe County saw a strong increase of 22.7% from last year. The average sale price increased across the area by the same amount as Barrie however.