Nominations are open for the 2023 Heritage Awards: City of Barrie

News release – City of Barrie

The City of Barrie is accepting nominations for the 2023 Heritage Awards until Friday, October 30. The nomination form and criteria can be found at

These awards recognize property owners and individuals who’ve made strides in heritage preservation and awareness in Barrie. Residents are invited to submit nominations for the following categories: residential building; commercial building with a business including office, restaurant or store; institutional building such as a church, school, or public facility; or an individual or group of people who stand out for their heritage contribution to the community.

Nominations for buildings must include at least two of the following attributes:

  • be at least one hundred years old and located in the City of Barrie
  • be well-maintained property and building
  • be sensitive to the heritage features of the property, especially if the property has been restored, rehabilitated or adaptively re-used
  • enhance the streetscape/neighbourhood
  • assist in revitalizing the community through heritage conservation

Nominations for an individual or group must include the following attributes:

  • demonstrate a commitment to heritage preservation
  • built awareness and understanding of local history and heritage
  • help revitalize the community through building local heritage awareness

Award winners will be selected by the Heritage Barrie Committee this fall and the awards will be presented at City Council in February 2024, during Heritage Week.

For more information about Barrie’s history and heritage, visit

Banner image via the City of Barrie