Barrie Police Back Up On Project Kraken

BPS Tactical Support Unit Among Services Participating in Fentanyl Bust

Barrie’s boys and girls in blue lent police in Toronto a hand for something called Project Kraken.

A series of early morning raids throughout Toronto Thursday resulted in 99 arrests and the seizure of over a kilo of fentanyl. Police claim to have also seized plenty of cocaine, clonazepam, percocet, and other street drugs, along with 23 firearms and a taser.

Police spokesperson Peter Leon said the Barrie Police Tactical Support Unit was among the other services called upon to lend a hand. “It’s not uncommon in this age of policing.” Leon told Barrie 360, adding just because Barrie Police were involved, doesn’t mean they were working in-town. “There were no arrests in the Barrie area.”