Barrie Police issue heads up over phony vaccine emails, reminding everyone to be wary of unsolicited COVID-related messages

Email looks legitimate and even links to legitimate websites

The Barrie Police Service is urging folks to give any COVID-19 vaccine-related emails or texts further scrutiny before clicking any links within.

The service says one of its officers recently received an email stating they were eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine, and the email went as far as to link to legitimate sources of information to boost its legitimacy. Regardless, police say it is a fake.

“Check with the SMDHU and determine if they sent something out,” said Barrie Police spokesperson Peter Leon regarding unsolicited vaccine-related emails. “Confirm before you click,” Leon says, adding the scammers sending these phoney emails do it to garner personal information including health card numbers. This could lead to instances of identity theft or fraud.

Those who have pre-registered for a vaccine appointment will receive booking information from the Province of Ontario, but any unexpected or unsolicited emails regarding vaccines require you to be more scrutinous. “Always check with your local health unit or the Ontario Government COVID -19 website,” adds Leon. “Also check the address of the sender to see if it is accurate and real.”