Barrie Police Not Amused After Five Drivers Charged With Drinking Offences In Four Hour Period

Results "Beyond Acceptable"

Barrie Police shaking their heads after five drivers (four males and one female) were tagged for drinking and driving infractions in a four-hour period Thursday night. They say one driver was almost five times over the legal limit and another was arrested after failing a roadside screening test during a R.I.D.E. spot check.

“This type of behaviour is totally preventable and with the recent changes in the laws associated with impaired operation and the numerous options available to motorists who choose to consume alcohol and recreational cannabis, these results are beyond acceptable. I commend our officers for their commitment to road and traffic safety; it is their efforts that are making a difference and are helping to save lives every day of the year and not just during the holiday season.”
– Barrie Police Deputy Chief Ken Weatherill.

Police say the safety of all those on City of Barrie streets is a priority and with Christmas and New Year’s celebrations just around the corner, it becomes everyone’s responsibility to make sure that no one gets behind the wheel after consuming alcohol.