Barrie Police Service putting What3Words to good use

Municipal service now using unique geo-positioning app to help find folks unaware of their location

The Barrie Police Service is the latest to include the app What3Words in its search-and-rescue arsenal.

Provincial police have pointed to recent successes in using the online resource, and now the Barrie Police Service is putting it to use too; when a member of the public calls police, the communications centre call taker can walk them through the use of the app. If it’s not already installed, the call taker can forward a link that will automatically display three words.


The makers of the app have divided the world into 57 trillion squares, each measuring three metres by three metres, and each square has a unique combination of three words. Those three words represent global positioning system coordinates and be easily used to zero in on the person in distress, within metres of where they called from.

“By adding this free app to your android or iPhone device, emergency assistance can be closer than you could ever imagine,” says Inspector Peter Dewsnap, of the Barrie Police’s Operational Support Division. “Our Communications Centre personnel has received training and is equipped to utilize these hands-on resources should the need arise and recognize the value it can bring in reuniting lost or injured people with their families or sending emergency resources where they may be required.”