Dogging it: Barrie Police/South Simcoe Police launch joint canine response team

The pilot project will see four canine officers, along with their canine partners, patrolling seven days a week

News release from Barrie Police Service/South Simcoe Police Service

In a unique pilot project that was launched on Monday, March 6, 2023, the Barrie Police Service and South Simcoe Police Service Canine Units have joined to form a shared response team that will serve their respective communities for the remainder of 2023.

This collaborative undertaking will provide a coverage plan that is beneficial for both Service areas and will see four canine officers, along with their canine partners, patrolling 7-days a week and ready to respond to calls for service as they arise. Mandatory training requirements have also been incorporated into a schedule that will see an enhanced canine availability to front-line and investigative services for both police services.

When canine resources are required, whether it be for a missing person search or any form of detection, the need for efficiency and a timely response can never be compromised.

Senior Police leaders from both Services recognize that time is often a determining factor when a canine unit is engaged and operationally, this is a pilot project that will be beneficial to their respective communities and will provide significant measurables and once complete, will be thoroughly evaluated.

Banner image supplied: Pictured from left to right:
South Simcoe Police Service Constable Shawn Gwilliam – PSD Nitro
Barrie Police Service Constable Matt Abofs – PSD Serge
Barrie Police Service Constable John Lamont – PSD Thunder
Barrie Police Service Constable Paul Chubb – PSD Routs