Barrie woman ready to “Lose Locks for Local Shops”

Myshel Pajuaar wants to raise $1,500 in sales at downtown stores

36 year old Mayshel Pajuaar admits she isn’t made of money but that hasn’t stopped her from coming up with her own to way to help re-energize downtown Barrie businesses that have been hit hard by COVID-19.

“I am seeing how Barrie is trying to revive the downtown. I believe we were starting to do that, then COVID hit and there was the construction. It’s been crazy for them. “

Pajuaar’s connection to downtown merchants and restaurants began when Georigan College opened a campus in the core and she took a graphic design course.

“The downtown was our life. You ate down there. You went to the print shop down there. Everything is right there.”

Pajuaar moved away from Barrie for eight years but now that she is back she wants to extend a helping hand to a part of the city which was her life while at Georgian College.

To do that, Pajuaar has created the “LOSING LOCKS FOR LOCAL SHOPS” Facebook page. Residents are encouraged to shop and eat at downtown businesses and post their purchases on her page. Once the total reaches $1,500, Pajuaar will shave her head. The $1,500 is not set in stone and she really wants it to go higher.

Pajuaar has created business cards and has been chatting up a number of merchants and will be back downtown over the next few days to meet with more of them.

If all goes according to plan, hair today and gone on August 10.