Barrie’s rarest, weirdest, most wonderful gifts (Part 1)

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We all have that person who is impossible to buy gifts for. Whether it’s because you’re not quite sure what they want or maybe they just have everything already, crossing them off your list is always a struggle.

Good news! We have put together a list of local places to grab a gift that nobody will be expecting. After all, if you couldn’t think of it, chances are they couldn’t either!

So, whether you want to spend $5 or $150,000 (no, really), here is part 1 of our guide to Barrie’s rarest, weirdest, most wonderful gifts.

Blueberry Moon

You might be thinking “This store looks familiar”. Well, that’s because it is! Blueberry Moon is an amazing new-age general store with tons of awesome gift ideas for the holidays. They used to be located on the north side of Dunlop but recently moved across the street to a new, bigger location. Great news for us because that just means more awesome stuff to check out! Here are some of our favourite gift ideas:

  • Leather Bag ($80): These leather bags are made with imported leather from Italy with a beautiful feather trim.
  • Cement Planters ($26): With tons of different shapes, these make perfect gifts for plant lovers.
  • Mini Terrarium ($25): Super cute and easy to maintain, these little guys are definitely a unique gift item.

Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers

Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers have been serving Barrie for over 60 years. When it comes to wanting the very best gifts that will leave mouths hanging open in astonishment, they might just be the best. While we wanted to show off a few things from their collection that were rare, keep in mind they have gift options from a massive range of prices. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get an amazing gift here, but if you felt like it, these pieces are quite unbelievable, and you won’t find them anywhere else.

  • 2007 Rolex Submariner ($18,000) – With a classic blue tint and beautiful gold details, whoever gets this for Christmas will be telling you the time every chance they get.
  • Diamond Earrings ($78,000) – For being such a big, brilliant set of diamonds, these earrings are remarkably light.
  • Antique Brooch ($80,000) – Dating back to the early 20th century, this brooch contains a Ceylon Sapphire surrounded by 51 diamonds
  • Diamond Ring ($154,000) – If you’re looking to get engaged this Christmas, who could say no to this?

If you didn’t see anything you liked (or perhaps you don’t want to take out a second mortgage for that brooch), don’t worry, this is only part 1! More rare, weird, and wonderful gift ideas are on the way, so stay tuned!

Featured image: George Dolgikh via