Barrie’s Public Art: A Guide To The Sites

Helping craft Barrie's identity

Essential for building a sense of identity for our city, Public Art allows us to take in history and beauty along with being unique markers for our parks, suburban areas, and Downtown core.

The Barrie Public Art Committee has released a public art guide with maps to all the fantastic installations you can see all over the city.


Visit Downtown to see the Simcoe Country Courthouse Sculpture, Dividers Made Into A Junction, Column of Valour, Shlosha, Dream Chamber, Ascension, and the Soapbox.

Barrie South

Barrie South has a few installations that celebrate hockey and utilize the windy nature of our city. Be Sure to check out Scrimmage, Wheelie, and the Spirit Clock.

Royal Victoria Hospital

Aristotle’s Square

An important part of our community, RVH hosts 3 installations, Aristotle’s Square, Monarchs, and the Healing Circle which show some truly artistic visions.


I don’t need to tell you about the Spirit Catcher, it has been a staple of the Barrie skyline for over 20 years. Also, while not as well know as it’s bigger brother down the shore, the sea serpent is quite the beautiful piece. There will also be a new piece that has been commissioned for 2020 so stay tuned!