Bell Farm Road tops CAA’s list of Worst Roads in the Barrie-area

Dishonourable mention to Essa and Huronia Roads

No roads in the Barrie-area made CAA’s top ten list of the Worst Roads in Ontario this year.

But Bell Farm Road did top the Worst Roads list in CAA’s Central Region. It’s currently undergoing upgrades, including a widening of the roadway and the addition of curbs and sidewalks. The work is expected to be completed by the end of October.

Essa and Huronia Roads in Barrie also made the top five list in Central Region. As did 9th Line of Innisfil and Laclie Street in Orillia.

Province-wide, Victoria Road in Prince Edward County was voted the worst.

Victoria Road in Prince Edward County

In Ontario, 117 municipalities saw roads in their communities nominated. Drivers accounted for a majority of the votes being cast, with cyclists and pedestrians accounting for about a quarter of the votes.

Primary reasons for selecting a road:

  • 81 per cent cited potholes or crumbling pavement
  • 11 per cent said traffic congestion
  • 7 per cent talked of no or poor walking infrastructure

The CAA Worst Roads campaign is a platform for Ontarians to make roads safer by helping municipal and provincial governments understand what roadway improvements are important to citizens and where they need to be made. Votes submitted to the CAA Worst Roads campaign are compiled and released as an annual provincial top 10 list along with a series on regional lists, designed to spark a dialogue with governments and to help pave the way for safer roads across Ontario.

banner image via Google Street View