Best places in Barrie to load up on sweets

Treat yourself!

You might be wondering, why the interest in sweets? Is it national cupcake day? National baking day? Well, no. We don’t need a reason to stuff ourselves full of delicious treats and neither should you.


Don’t let their name fool you. Yes, cup-CAKES’s cupcakes are definitely one of their main attractions, but don’t let that delicious-ness blind you from all of their other sweet treats! Edible cookie dough, cookie sandwiches, sweetza pizza, and cake pops are just a few of the things you can stock up on. Oh, and you have to try one of their cheesecakes in a jar!

Foxes Bakery & Deli

Posted by Fox’s Bakery and Deli on Friday, September 15, 2017

If anyone even whispers the word bakery in Barrie, Foxes Bakery & Deli is usually the first place that comes to mind, and for good reason. Foxes make some of the most delicious treats you’ll ever taste like butter tarts, brownies, and pies (among other things) and they have been doing so since 1978!

Sigrid’s Bakery

Sigrid’s Bakery is what would happen if you cut out a chunk of Europe and plopped it down right in the middle of Downtown Barrie. Cakes, buns, and any pastry you can think of, all with a German flair. You can also get lots of different soups and sandwiches but if you want to just eat sweets for lunch, we won’t tell anybody.

Mmm Donuts

If you have a vegan lifestyle, donuts might have been off-limits to you but here comes Mmm Donuts to rescue you from your donut-less existence. They have a huge selection of classic, fancy, and gourmet donuts, all made without milk, eggs, or any other animal products. If you have any doubt that a plant-based donut won’t be delicious, trust us, try just one and you’ll change your mind.

Cakes By Design

Cakes By Design specializes in making sweets that just as nice to look at as they are to eat. With such customization at your fingertips, anything you want can be cause for celebration (and cake). How about a “Happy 456th day of work” cake or a dozen “Congratulations on finishing that Netflix series” cupcakes? Oh, you shouldn’t have!

Sugar City Cupcakes

Another fantastic option for getting your own custom cakes, cupcakes, and pastries is Sugar City Cupcakes. Don’t worry though, if that sounds like too much work they also have a varied selection of daily cupcakes to choose from. Their motto is “It’s Always Cake Time” and we think no truer words have ever been spoken.


There might be only one thing in the whole world better than chocolate and that’s fine chocolate! J’adore has tons of different chocolate from truffles and peanut butter cups to chocolate bark and chocolate-covered candy. We recommend buying a box of assorted chocolates as a “gift”…and then proceed to eat two-thirds of the box yourself.

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