Bill Nighy brought granddaughter’s toy bunny to the Oscars because he was bunny-sitting: explaining, “where I go, she goes”

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Actor Bill Nighy had a very special responsibility at this year’s Oscars, babysitting his granddaughter’s toy bunny.

The 73-year-old was up for best actor for his role in “Living” and insisted the mysterious bunny be photographed alongside him.

In an interview with he explained why he had the toy.

“My granddaughter’s schedule intensified, and I was charged with rabbit-sitting responsibilities. I wasn’t prepared to leave her unattended in a hotel room. The stakes are too high. Where I go, she goes…”

It’s a good thing he did. Judging by the bunny’s food stains, you can tell she’s well-loved and irreplaceable, a sign she is never left alone.

Nighy’s latest film, “Living,” was nominated for Best adapted screenplay and best actor.

Nighy has been getting rave reviews for his performance. Checkout the trailer below.

feature image from Variety magazine via twitter