Published July 16, 2022

Bill & Yoshi roll into Barrie on their coast-to-coast adventure

'If you got an idea, do what you can to do it'
Bill & Yoshi

Bill Shoup of Barrie, along with his rescue dog Yoshi, is biking from one side of Canada to the other, and is making a stop in Barrie.

The central Ontario fundraising leg of “Bill and Yoshi’s Adventures” will be held at the Barrie Farmers’ Market, 70 Collier Street, on Saturday, July 16th, from 10:00 to 11:45 a.m.

The local entrepreneur says the idea of trekking across Canada has been his dream for a while.

"Years ago, I was at a buddy's cottage, and there was a National Geographic magazine and it had things to do in your lifetime, and trucking across Canada was one of them," Shoup told Barrie 360. "And I said, 'I got to do that one day,' so here I am doing it now."

Shoup says he does everything with Yoshi including hiking, canoeing, camping, and of course, biking.

"I think he's just happy to be with me ... he's my boy."

Shoup's been a resident of Barrie since 1984, and when asked what it means to come through Barrie as part of the journey, he said he's just blown away by the support.

"The love and attention that we've been given," said Shoup. "The people reaching out, and my BNI (Business by the Bay Chapter) group, they've just been unbelievably gracious."

Around 9:30 a.m., Bill and Yoshi, accompanied by a Barrie Police escort and cycling enthusiasts, will be riding along Lakeshore Drive to the farmers’ market, where they will hold a meet and greet.

Shoup says the biggest challenge of this journey has been time.

Even though he's allotted lots to get to each point, he says the go, go, go can still be a strain.

As for travelling through the mountains of British Columbia, Shoup says they weren't that bad - but his legs might not agree.

"I really enjoyed the challenge," said Shoup. "I love the speed. So, going down those mountains was a blast, but you got to work to get up them, and then you get to go down them."

The cyclist says he's a firm believer in enjoying life and getting out and doing things, not just thinking about them.

"If you got an idea, do what you can to do it," said Shoup. "I turned 60 this year, and I just said, 'you know, I gotta do it, I'm going to do it.'"

Crohn’s and Colitis Canada, Easter Seals Canada, and the Canadian Women’s Foundation are the charities he is riding for.

Shoup says he chose them because he has Crohn's, he used to volunteer for Easter Seals and had friends that have benefited from their services, and his mom raised him, and his two sisters.

"I know the struggles that women have had," said Shoup. "Mentally, physically, and socially."

Throughout this Canadian adventure, Shoup says he's been taken away by the kindness offered along the way.

"Just the Canadian people," said Shoup. "The politeness, the enthusiasm that Canadians share. We've gotten to meet people, and it's just awesome, everybody's so welcoming, and helpful."

Shoup says he can't guarantee there won't be any tears when he and Yoshi arrive downtown.

As part of the festivities, there will be a booth providing information on the charities, and accepting donations.

There will also be a photo op with Bill and Yoshi.

Festivities will conclude with the pair departing through Open Air Dunlop to continue through Eastern Canada.

Shoup says he hopes to get to Sydney, Nova Scotia before Sept. 1.

Images and video via Bill Shoup's Facebook Page

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