Happy birthday, Larry! South Simcoe Police help man celebrate the big 9-4

An off-chance meeting about a purchase of eggs turned into a birthday celebration

A Bradford senior got a visit from the cops on his 94th birthday.

But all was in order.

South Simcoe Police say an officer spotted a senior outside a Bradford business on Monday who told her he was looking to buy eggs. The business did not sell food, so the officer invited the man with his walker into her cruiser and drove to a nearby grocery store, where she went inside to buy eggs. The officer drove him to his retirement residence where she learned the man, named Larry, was going to mark his 94th birthday on Tuesday, and he would be spending it by himself.

Image supplied -South Simcoe Police

The officer gathered her platoon mates, purchased a birthday cake and delivered it on Tuesday to the surprised senior to help him celebrate his special day.

Banner image supplied – South Simcoe Police