Owner of downtown Barrie store gifting goodies on Christmas Day

Blueberry Moon and meat pies on Christmas Day

Heather Kennedy, owner of Blueberry Moon By The Bay, is illuminating the spirit of the community during the holiday season. 

As a gift, Kennedy will be giving out items and goodies at her downtown Barrie store on Christmas Day, including meat pies. 

The idea came from her husband, who learned of a couple in the United Kingdom that offers meat pies and a place to be for those who might be spending Christmas Day alone.

“It’s just a sweet idea that they do every year,” Kennedy said over the phone to Barrie 360. “As soon as he said it, I knew that he wanted to do it – and I knew that it was perfect for our store to host.”

Kennedy opened Blueberry Moon By The Bay at 84 Dunlop Street East in February but relocated across the road to 111 Dunlop on Nov. 1.

“We are a small business right on Dunlop in beautiful downtown Barrie,” said Kennedy. “We’re an inclusive space for all, and hope you feel at home as soon as you walk in the door.”

The store carries a variety of self-care products, art, pottery, and candles from local makers and other small businesses across Canada.

Blueberry Moon By The Bay
Image provided: Heather Kennedy

Kennedy acknowledged the importance of a helping hand to put on Christmas events such as this, and in this case many hands.  

“We’ve had a lot of our friends rally together and help us out with this…it’s definitely been a team effort,” she said.

Kennedy says that even though it was a last-minute idea, other businesses and people in the community have contributed time and love to the festivity.

“We have [Homestead Artisan Bakery + Cafe] making a donation of baked goods, [Barrie Police] Constable Keira Brooks brought us some beautiful knitted items, warm hats and mitts, and hygiene items.”

“We’ve had customers offer to bake; we’ve had a customer bring 30 goodie bags that she packed herself. My husband’s company, Conagra Foods, has donated 100 meat pies for the occasion. Bohemia is offering their coffee urns. My mother-in-law has a couple of things to lend us [too].”

The newly implemented capacity rules have become a damper on get-togethers like this, but Kennedy isn’t letting that ruin the moment.

“We hoped that people could come in [the store], but it’s just not possible with the restrictions in place,” said Kennedy.

“So, we’ll have a canopy set up outside, we’ll have tables, the ladies from Parking Lot Pizza will be bringing their pizza oven to warm the food. We’ll even have someone playing the guitar. It’ll all be outside, and we’re going to make the best of it.”

Heather Kennedy
Image provided: Heather Kennedy

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Kennedy says the community is a big part of her store, and she doesn’t just want to say it – she wants to put it into action.

“That’s really what the store holds true and dear to our hearts,” said Kennedy. “That’s what we want to put out into the world.”

The event will be held on Christmas Day at Blueberry Moon from noon to 3:00 p.m.