Body-editing apps impacting young people with eating disorders

The apps can be found on Instagram and Tik Tok

Social media platforms popular with young people are being taken to task about body-editing apps that are being advertised that can be used to alter body parts, including making waists slimmer and adding muscles.

Campaigners said the apps are advertised on TikTok and Instagram, and they fear this is “triggering” young people with eating disorders.

The platforms said the apps did not break advertising guidance.

Eating disorder charities said technology firms need to consider the impact on vulnerable people.

TikTok said it is “continually looking to enhance” its framework to “support a body-positive environment,” and added it does review its policies.

The platform banned adverts for fasting apps and weight loss supplements last year.

Several free apps can be found on both Android and Apple app stores that allow users to edit photos or videos, changing the size and shape of bodies and faces, smoothing skin and enhancing muscles.