Book Your Innisfil Parking Spot In Advance

Town Partners With Rover, the AirBNB of Parking Spots

Sticking with an app-based theme, Innisfil is offering up some new parking spots in town. Even though they belong to someone else.

The town today took the wraps of two dedicated Rover parking spots at a popular waterfront locale, spots that can be booked ahead of time and paid for online through the Rover app. Meanwhile, there are seventy or so similar spots throughout Innisfil with no signage at all; most are residential driveways.

Using the Rover parking app, residents can put their unused driveway up for grabs, so says Innisfil Mayor Lynn Dollin “People who are renting their own spots, they choose when they want to rent it, and they choose what they want for it. That money automatically goes to them. Indeed, Rover keeps a little bit as admin (costs)”

Alternatively, those looking for a spot need only download, create an account or sign into an existing one, and search their immediate area.

Rover uses your phone’s location to find nearby available parking spots

Dollin says the town had to get in on the action in introducing two Rover spots at Innisfil Beach Park, adding there’s a boon for every spot available. “There’s no cost to the town. In fact, while we get the revenue from our spot, the town gets a small administration fee from all of the parking spots in Innisfil.”

Mayor Dollin was joined by Councillors Payne, Orsatti, and Van Berkel in unveiling the new spots Monday afternoon.

Dollin adds recent successes with its Uber-based transit service caught some eyes in the tech sector. “We gained a bit of a reputation as a municipality that wasn’t afraid to pilot new ideas. And so, Rover did come to us and ask if we would be interested in partnering with them.”

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The app, available on Apple and Android, is free for use. Those interested in renting out their own spot could do so through the app.