Bradford teacher named Outstanding Role Model for Women

Helping female students gain leadership skills and build confidence

Let’s give a shout out to teacher Amy Stepanek at Chris Hadfield Public School in Bradford.

She is the recipient of the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (ETFO) 2019 award for Outstanding Role Model for Women.

“Amy’s dedication to women’s rights is providing female students with an outstanding opportunity to gain leadership skills and build their confidence. She is also providing female colleagues with a safe environment to participate in the union and gain information, leadership experiences and networking opportunities.”

– ETFO President Sam Hammond

For the past 16 years, Amy has served as chair of the Simcoe County ETFO Teachers’ Federation (SCETF) Status of Women Committee, working tirelessly for the rights of women. Each year, the Committee and local have sponsored female intermediate students to attend the summer Ontario Educational Leadership Camp in Orillia to develop leadership skills for their future endeavours at school and in life. In 2018, seven Grade 5 female students attended the camp and reported back on the positive impact this experience has had on their lives. Amy also developed the SCETF Earth Day Project where 10 schools can receive $200 for participating in a school Earth Day project.

She has also organized an International Women’s Day dinner on behalf of her local. Each year, she invites a SCETF woman member to be a motivational guest speaker and talk about her experiences with an international event or activity that promotes women educators or social justice. Amy also hosts five information sessions each year for SCETF members on pregnancy, parental and childcare leaves to ensure that all members understand their rights under their collective agreement and the law.

banner image via ETFO