Bradford-West Gwillimbury latest to update smoking bylaw

Upholds provincial restrictions, updates municipal restrictions

The Town of Bradford-West Gwillimbury has passed a bylaw to regulate smoking, toking and vaping in public places and workplaces.

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The new Smoke Free Public Places Bylaw reinforces restrictions already stipulated by the province, and also states “no person shall smoke or vaporize on, in, or within a nine-metre radius of any municipal property.”

Municipal property refers to Town-owned buildings, facilities and structures including parks, indoor and outdoor recreation facilities, playgrounds, municipal offices, transit facilities, bus shelters, community centres, libraries, indoor swimming pools, arenas, public washrooms, concession stands, fire halls, ambulance stations, police stations and parking lots.

The only exception would be if the municipality chooses to designate a smoking area, which would have to be indicated by signs.