Canada Post wants you to reach out to loved ones and send a free postcard

It's always the right time to make someone's day

As part of its Write Here Write Now program, Canada Post is sending out a series of postcards that can be sent anywhere in Canada for free, no postage required.

Households will receive one of six designs and approximately 13.5 million postcards will start arriving by March 1st. Postcards can be mailed through any street letter box, community mailbox, or dropped off at the post office. “Meaningful connection is vital for our emotional health, sense of community and overall well-being,” says Doug Ettinger, President and CEO of Canada Post. “Canada Post wants everyone to stay safe, but also stay in touch with the people who matter to them.”

Keep an eye out for your postcard and be sure to share what you’re sending using the hashtag #WriteHereWriteNow!