Carbon Monoxide Alarm Saves Two Lives in Gravenhurst

Home Filled With Lethal Level Of CO

Two people in Gravenhurst have a carbon monoxide alarm to thank for saving their lives.

Gravenhurst Fire Service received a call from a Fernwood Dr. homeowner around 2:00 this morning, after the home’s CO alarm went off. Firefighters arrived to find a concentration of 600 parts per million of carbon monoxide in the home, a level that would be lethal if exposed to for just a short time. Both residents had evacuated before then.

The source of the CO was determined to be a blocked exterior furnace vent that was forcing all CO output to remain in the home.

“This is an example of why CO alarms are law – without one, the likely result would have been fatal come morning with the amount of CO in the home,” said Breyan Sinnott, Gravenhurst’s Fire Prevention Officer.

There were no injuries reported, and fire crews cleared the scene about two hours later, after having helped ventilate the home safely.