Celine Dion is suffering from rare neurological disorder that affects her walking and singing

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Celine Dion won’t resume her world tour after being diagnosed with a rare neurological disorder.

The Canadian singer posted an emotional video on her Instagram account explaining the disorder is known as “Stiff Person Syndrome.”

“As you know, I’ve been dealing with problems with my health for a long time.” she said.

“Recently, I’ve been diagnosed with ‘Stiff Person Syndrome,’ which affects one in a million people. We know now what has been causing the spasms I’ve been having.”

The singer explained the spasms affect her ability to walk and doesn’t allow her to sing how she’s used to.

She adds she has a great team of doctors and her children to support her.

She does daily exercises with a medical therapist to regain her ability to perform again but admits it’s a struggle.

“All I know is singing,” she emotionally explained.

“It’s all I have ever done my whole life, and it’s what I love to do most. I miss you so much and miss seeing all of you and performing for you, but my condition isn’t allowing me to do that right now.”

As a result of her condition, she won’t resume her tour in February.

“I have no choice but to concentrate on my health at this moment. This is my focus.”

See her full statement below.

feature image from Anirudh Koul via wiki commons