Cell Video Clears Police But Implicates Couple

Complainant Shot the Video That Cleared Police Of Blame over His Injuries

Video taken by an injured Innisfil couple during a South Simcoe Police arrest not only helped clear police of responsibility over those injuries, the SIU says the video shows how disruptive and non-compliant the couple really were during their arrest.

The Special Investigations Unit says the pair got the call to Innisfil Beach Park on July 7th  of 2017 as their son had been in a car crash there and was being confronted by others. By the time the 51-year-old man and 45-year-old woman arrived, police were already there.

A nearly 15-minute long video taken by the man shows, according to the SIU, police try to calm the situation while mom and dad escalated it. The pair suffered minor injuries during their arrest, injuries the SIU say were a result of their actions and not those of the police.