Changes coming in January to parking in Barrie

Monthly passes have been streamlined

A reminder that changes to Barrie’s parking passes and some fees, which were approved in October, come into effect January 1.

Downtown parking changes

The Monthly Pass structure has been streamlined with the green pass for highly utilized lots, the yellow pass for lower utilized lots and the blue pass discontinued. Some lots have changed pass colour. Green passes are valid at both green and yellow lots. Valid parking pass colours are posted at each lot and listed below:

  • Green pass: Lakeshore Mews, Heritage Park West, Heritage Park East, Heritage Park North, H-block, Owen Street, Clapperton Street, Collier Street Parkade, and all yellow pass lots.
  • Yellow pass: Bradford Street, Mary Street, Bayfield Street West/Simcoe Street, 15 Bayfield Street, Chase McEachern Way, Maple Avenue North, Maple Avenue Central, and Maple Avenue South.
  • access removed from Library Lot and on-street parking on Collier Street, Poyntz Street, Parkside Drive and Toronto Street.

Spirit Catcher, Lakeshore Drive and North Marina hybrid lots

  • have removed monthly pass access and adjusted parking rates to $10/hour and $50/daily.

City Hall and Library lots

  • Three-hour maximum parking .

North Centennial Lot

  • now allows non-trailer parking from November to April.

Quarry Ridge Road/Gallie Court

  • Paid on-street municipal parking is monitored and enforced 7 days a week.
  • Parking fees are $5/hour from 9 a.m. to midnight.

Additionally, free Electronic Vehicle parking is available at the Collier Street Parkade until December 31, 2021.

To learn more about the Parking Strategy, parking rates or to view parking maps, visit