Charging Tablet Nearly Ignites Room Contents

Space Around Devices is Key to Prevent Overheating

A charging tablet nearly caused a fire Wednesday evening at a home for special care in Gravenhurst.

Fire crews were called to the Muskoka Road North home just after 7 o’clock.

Residents had reported smoke coming from a bedroom in the building.

Firefighters found a room full of smoke and charred contents, and a tablet that was plugged in to charge near a pillow.

“Phones, tablets, and all personal electronic devices should be charged in locations that allow for adequate ventilation to prevent overheating. Charging electronics on fabric or under a pillow does now allow for the heat produced to dissipate in the recharge process. When devices are charged on soft surfaces it may cause the fabric to catch fire.”

– Breyan Sinnott, Fire Prevention Officer

Damage to the property was minimal thanks to early detection and the actions of staff and residents to prevent the smoke from spreading by closing all nearby interior doors.