Check out a pair of live concerts happening this week in Barrie this week!

It's hard to believe it, but live music is back!

After such a long hiatus, Barrie is finally starting to see the return of live music and we couldn’t be more excited!

Before the pandemic hit Barrie, you would have a hard time finding a week where bar after bar didn’t have some sort of live music. Now we’re finally getting back to normal and that means instruments and voices will start filling the streets once again with two shows this week!

The first show is a little bit more unique and will take place at Park Place! The Theodore Hornwood Combo will be performing outside on July 21 so you can take a musical break in between shopping and dining.

The second show is at The Queens with Cat & The Queen performing on July 25. Live music is at home in this venue and you can enjoy some of the most delicious food in Barrie while you listen!

Hopefully, these are just the first two in a long list of shows as we return to normal.

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