Check out this online television website that sends you back in time

From Batman to All My Children

A website called My 90’s TV lets you relive the good old days of pouring a bowl of cereal and sitting down for a nice helping of ’90s Television.

The website can be customized to include whatever channels you want including cartoons, sports, drama, gameshows, music videos, talk shows, and more. There are even channels for classic news broadcasts and hilarious commercials that in no way have aged poorly. The default view is through a classic looking tube TV but you can also hit F to change it and go full screen. Finally, you can pinpoint the exact year you want to watch with options across the bottom of the TV.

If you grew up with television that’s a little bit older, there are also two more generations of TV to watch with My 70’s TV and My 80’s TV with all the same features as the ’90s website!

Head over to the website now and start enjoying some golden days of television.

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