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Making Christmas Merry for the less fortunate in Barrie-area

Donations of gifts and food help to make the season brighter at the Salvation Army and Youth Haven

There is no place like home for the holidays.

For some people in our communities, that isn’t possible. There may not be a home that is safe to go back to. In other cases, there is no place to call home, or if there is a home, an individual or family may not have the financial means to enjoy a holiday meal.

During this season, thanks to donations from individuals and businesses, local charities are able to step in and ensure the less fortunate can also mark Christmas with presents and/or a holiday meal.

Bayside Mission expects to feed hundreds on Christmas Day

The Salvation Army Bayside Mission in downtown Barrie provides shelter to men experiencing homelessness.

But the charity of giving goes beyond a bed and a blanket.

Major Stephanie Watkinson, Bayside Mission executive director, says like every day, there will be a community meal served, but on Dec. 25, dinner will be a holiday affair.

“We do make it a full turkey dinner at the supper hour between five and seven for the community. It’s a takeout format. People can come and pick up the turkey dinner and enjoy that,” says Watkinson.

The meals are available to men, women and children, basically, anyone who is struggling to make ends meet.

“Usually between 300 and 400 meals go out on Christmas Day, just for supper alone. I think last year we were over 400.”

The Bayside Mission is having its own struggle trying to meet its Christmas Kettle campaign target of $625,000.

Watkinson says her last numbers from a few days ago put them at $283,000, and the kettles are taken down around 3 p.m. on Christmas Eve.

She says donations do come in between Christmas and New Year’s, so Watkinson hopes they will have met the target to begin the New Year.

Most of the money raised from the Christmas Kettle campaign is used for the community meal program, as well as the shelter program.

Youth experiencing homelessness to receive Christmas Eve meal, Christmas Day presents

Youth Haven in Barrie will be serving Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve to youth who are experiencing homelessness and at-risk youth.

The dinner of turkey, vegetables and all the trimmings was donated by Andrew Erb on behalf of his Barrie Air Cadet troupe.

Due to pandemic protocols, the Christmas Eve dinner at the emergency shelter will be served in staggered shifts.

The Boxes of Hope campaign has raised well over $40,000, allowing staff to purchase Christmas gifts for dozens of youth involved in Youth Haven’s programs, including emergency, transitional and outreach services.

Youth Haven – emergency shelter

Executive Director Lucy Gowers says they have received donations of food and gifts from people across the region.

Food not used over the holidays will be put to good use in the weeks and months to come.

Uplifting Blessings also donated food and gifts to assist Youth Haven to reach at-risk youth in the Orillia-area.

Gifts donated by the community will be given to the youth on Christmas morning.

“The youth that come to us have endured so many challenges and heartbreak, and for one day they’re able to forget that and just enjoy being a kid again,” says Gowers.

Gifts include winter clothing, gift cards, bus tokens, toiletries, hygiene products, and more.