City Looking To Outside Experts To Divvy Up LGBTQIA2+ Grant

Community Fund Deadline Friday

The City of Barrie is staying “hands-off” when it comes to deciding who gets some LGBTQ grant money.

Friday marks the deadline to apply for the Barrie LGBTQIA2+ Community Fund, a $7,000 grant for special initiatives like Pride celebrations or anti-bullying programs, with a special focus on the little guy. “It is intended to target smaller organization that have limited acces to other funding from other levels of government.” said Councillor Keenan Aylwin. “Council sort of has a hands-off approach to maintain that impartiality.”

Aylwin went on to say the decision on who gets the coin is up to some outside influences. “An impartial and independent jury has been selected; a host of experts who are not from the Barrie area, to review the submissions and ultimately funding recommendations to city staff.” The grant falls under the Creative Economy Department’s watch, its staff will be responsible for handing out the money to successful applicants.

As for who those applicants will be, Aylwin is in the dark.”I’m not sure how many responses we’ve gotten” Aylwin said “I know a couple of pride organizations have, but also service organizations have applied. I believe even a choir has applied.”

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Aylwin helped get the grant off the ground, using funds that would have otherwise paid for the city’s rainbow crosswalk were it not covered through private donation.