City of Barrie looking for some aspiring music makers to fill out this year’s Emerging Musicians Program playlist

Program going virtual again this year

Applications are being accepted for Barrie’s Emerging Musicians Program.

“Applicants for the Emerging Musicians Program, upon acceptance, can expect to spend their summer working in the music industry learning firsthand about their chosen field,” says Amanda Dyke, the City of Barrie’s Culture Officer. “During their employment they will develop their skills while providing hundreds of hours of entertainment to the community.”

While current COVID restrictions may limit the size of a performer’s audience, Dyke says consideration is being made. “In previous years, this included performing live, “busker-style” in downtown Barrie and along the waterfront at festivals and events. This year the program will continue to operate digitally as it did in 2020, and consist of webinars, online learning, video meetings, live streamed performances, and pre-recorded video performances shared on social media,” she said.

The Emerging Musicians Program replaced the Street Performers Program in 2018, recognizing that the program had a successful track record of launching musical careers.

The City of Barrie supports the program but does not fund it. The Ontario Musicians Cooperative, Inc. handles that. However, applications can be made through the City’s website.