Portions of Big Bay Point Road and Fairview Road closed for Harvie Road bridge construction

City Raising Roadway 11 Metres During Big Bay - Fairview Closure

When Big Bay Point and Fairview Roads reopen in about five months, they’ll be eleven metres higher than they are now.

The City of Barrie, in building the Harvie Road 400 overpass, needs to raise the eastern side of the highway to meet up with the higher elevation on the west, according to the city’s Bala Araniyasundaran “Because the crossing actually goes over the highway, on the east side we have to raise Fairview Rd. and Big Bay Point Rd. by approximately eleven metres, so that the approach is in level with the bridge as it goes over the highway.”

As the City’s Director of Engineering, Araniyasundaran is playing a part in raising the entire area up nearly 36 feet, saying there’s plenty to be done with this job. “I think just the magnitude of the project. You know, the crossing and all the associated works, and all the utilities we have to relocate, so that it’s realigned… And we have to build some pretty big culverts across the highway.”

It is anticipated the two roadways will remain closed until October 29th of this year. Meanwhile, the Harvie Road crossing over the 400 is expected to open by the Fall of 2020, expected to reduce traffic congestion and promote growth in the south end.