City to showcase community heroes by sharing acts of kindness at #BarrieHeroes

A gallery of Barrie's community heroes

There are dozens of tales of kindness in Barrie and the city wants to tell them.

It’s launched Community Heroes, an online campaign to show appreciation for the many acts of kindness and selflessness in the city during the Covid Crisis.

“In a time of crisis, even the smallest acts of kindness and selflessness can have a lasting impact,” says Michael Prowse, Chief Administrative Officer. “We’ve seen many selfless acts, on the front lines and throughout the community. As Barrie’s Community Heroes Gallery grows with stories and photos, we hope it helps highlight the warmth of our community and the compassion that Barrie residents have for each other.”

#BarrieHeroes is a way for residents to share photos and stories about the different heroes who have emerged in this time of crisis, from those who have gone to work so most can stay home to essential workers on the front lines to the people who’ve shown strength of character helping others.

To submit a story and share a picture visit or use #BarrieHeroes on social media.

feature image via City of Barrie