Clearview Township halts outdoor ice rinks during lockdown

Township says there has been overcrowding of outdoor rinks in many surrounding communities

Clearview has decided to close and halt the formation of outdoor ice rinks on township property while the province remains in lockdown.

In many surrounding communities, the township says unsupervised outdoor rinks have unfortunately led to overcrowding and encouraged travel between public health units while closure and safe usage signs have largely been ignored.

For those residents looking to create outdoor rinks on their property, Clearview’s Firefighters have some advice: 

  • Give the rink a good flood on a cold night (little to no wind is preferred). 
  • Once the ice surface has been created be sure to clear any snow off. 
  • Use some warm water now and then to melt any defects and create a smoother ice surface.

 The township thanks Clearview’s Firefighters who generously volunteer their time each winter creating and maintaining Clearview’s outdoor rinks.