Routine fingerprint scan gets off on the wrong foot

Officers 'detected an odour of alcohol emanating from her breath'

A Clearview Township woman got served with a three-day licence suspension after police smelled alcohol on her breath during a fingerprint scan.

On Tuesday morning, the local woman attended the Huronia West OPP Detachment for a fingerprint appointment. Police say this was part of a routine criminal records check, required by a potential employer.

Officers say they “detected an odour of alcohol emanating from her breath. After determining she had driven her vehicle into the lot, a sample of her breath was taken, which registered a ‘warn’ on an approved screening device,” police stated in a release.

The 55-year-old was issued the licence suspension.

“Not only did she need a ride, but she also had to make arrangements to have her car removed from the parking lot,” officers said.

OPP remind the public that if they see a possible impaired driver on the roadways, waterways, or trails, call the police.

Banner image – file photo – Barrie 360