Collingwood considering restrictions on barbecue/tent use in its parks

Wants to ensure continued safety and enjoyment for all

The Town of Collingwood is looking for input to its Park and Facilities Bylaw.

It’s looking to revise guidelines related to barbecue and tent use to ensure continued safety and enjoyment for all.

Among other things, the town is considering allowing barbecues in designated areas only; only allowing tent and shade structures supported by one pole and with no more than one wall; and that no one be allowed in town parks between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m.

The existing Park By-law (85-20) was last updated in 1985 and is in need of being updated to better reflect the standards for all town parks, both inland and waterfront.

The public is encouraged to visit to provide their feedback by April 27. Once the public input phase is complete, staff will compile the comments received and will report back to Council with final recommendations.

banner image: Barrie 360