Collingwood Hospital Revamping Menu

Freshflex Promising More Nutritious Options Geared Towards A Patient's Condition

One of the less desirable elements of a prolonged hospital stay is the food, but now Collingwood General and Marine Hospital has some news to whet your appetite.

Starting today, patients at G&M can choose from a variety of what it says is nutritious, prepared-fresh meals cooked in house. G&M has launched a new program called Freshflex, which includes menu enhancements that meet more than 20 therapeutic diets that provide patients with the nourishment they require, depending on their condition.

“As the first medium-size hospital in Ontario to implement the Freshflex initiative we are thrilled to provide nutritious meals to patients, prepared fresh on-site, thereby further enhancing the patient experience,” says Norah Holder, CGMH president and CEO. “Ultimately, if patients are eating healthy foods and getting the rest they require, this all contributes to the healing process.”

As part of the implementation, new computer software has launched that syncs with the patient’s medical record to capture any noted dietary requests or restrictions. This ensures that only suitable selections for the patient’s diet are presented, as part of the meal selection.

Banner photo courtesy Collingwood General and Marine Hospital Facebook page