Comedy hybrid Murderville is one part CSI, two parts SNL

Coming to Netflix next week.

Definitely unlike anything you’ve seen before, Murderville is a new comedy hybrid show starring Will Arnett.

In the show, Will Arnett (who also produces the show) plays an eccentric detective investigating strange murder cases. In each episode, Arnett will be joined by a celebrity guest who will work alongside him to solve the murder. That doesn’t sound too weird right? Well, here’s the rub: The celebrity guest is given no script or warning about the case and must use their improvisational skills to work through the scenes. Expect lots of characters breaks (which is honestly, the funniest part of SNL anyway).

The first six episodes in the series have already announced their celebrity guests: Annie Murphy (Schitt’s Creek), Conan O’Brien, Ken Jeong (The Hangover, Community), Kumail Nanjiani (The Eternals), Marshawn Lynch (American Football player), and Sharon Stone (come on, it’s Sharon Stone!).

Murderville is based on another British sitcom called Murder in Successville where celebrities are also introduced to crime scenes with no context. In the original show, the celebrity quest must also make a choice as to whom they believe was the murder at the end of each episode. Murderville may go a similar route.

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Murderville will be coming exclusively to Netflix and you can start streaming all six episodes starting February 3.

Featured image: Netflix via