Commercial Vehicle Collisions Equal Too Many Deaths

OPP keeping watch

The numbers are grim.

More than 76- hundred transport truck collisions last year on OPP-patrolled roadways.

63 deaths.

Three-quarters of those killed were passengers in the other vehicle.

Improper lane changes, inattentive driving and following too closely were factors in almost half of all OPP-investigated transport truck crashes over the past five years.

“Road safety is dependent on commercial drivers who recognize that these large, heavy-load trucks need to be driven with the utmost safety in mind and are committed to flawless driving habits and meticulous vehicle maintenance practices. Reducing the number of transport truck collisions also requires that other motorists share the road safely with them.”
  — Thomas Carrique, Commissioner, Ontario Provincial Police

OPP will be keeping an extra watchful eye on commercial vehicle traffic today and tomorrow in an effort they call Operation Corridor. The goal is to reduce deaths, injuries and collisions that involve commercial motor vehicles.