Community job fair on Wednesday provides opportunity for all

'Events like this are an opportunity for people to really sell their skills'

Get your resumes and cover letters ready, because there is a community job fair in Barrie on Wednesday that has opportunities for all.

Agilec, an Employment Ontario service provider, is hosting the event in partnership with the other local employment service providers at the Southshore Community Centre from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m on September 28.

Tracy Hoskins, an employment coach for Agilec, told Barrie 360 that the event is meant to connect job seekers with possible employers.

“It will be a live event in-person – indoor and outdoor – and it’s just an opportunity for individuals to meet with the employers,” said Hoskins. “Some of the employers are actually hiring on the spot, so it’s just a matter of getting people back in front of employers, and getting some job vacancies filled.”

Hoskins says clean, business casual attire is appropriate, and hopefuls should bring multiple copies of an up-to-date resume that highlights skills and experience.

Check online (link below) for the list of employers who are going to be there – research them and what they are looking for in an employee.

She added to come early to the event to have enough time to speak to all the employers, as there will be a wide range who are looking to hire for both part-time, and full-time positions.

Pre-registration for the event is not required.

Hoskins says there are plenty of job opportunities in the region, with over 7,000 current vacancies in Simcoe County alone.

“Events like this are an opportunity for people to really sell their skills, to meet with the employer to tell them why they’re going to be a great fit for the job, and really to secure those positions,” said Hoskins.

“So, it’s a great time if you’re looking for a job or if you’re a job seeker … to get out to meet face to face with the employer, and just have a general conversation to find out, ‘is this company right for me? And how do I better my future?'”

For more information, visit the event page, Agilec Barrie’s Facebook page, or call their centre at 705-735-0182.

Banner image via Canva