Community safety campaign launched

Over the next three weeks, Barrie residents are going to be blitzed with information in the mail and on social media about taking responsibility for their personal safety.

Police, fire and paramedics have joined forces with the Technical Standards and Safety Authority to encourage individuals to recognize risks and how to prevent them.

For the fire department, that will mean continued re-enforcement on the need for every household to not only have carbon monoxide alarms but to react when it does go off.

“When you heard that alarm, be prudent and give yourself and your family time to exit the home, call for emergency services and we’ll be there to help you. ” said Cory Mainprize, Barrie Fire Chief.

L-R: Cory Mainprize, Barrie Fire Chief, Barry Ward, Deputy Mayor, Alexandra Campbell, Technical Stanards and Safety Authority, Kimberley Greenwood, Barrie Police Chief, Andrew Robert, Paramedic Chief at County of Simcoe

The Technical and Standards and Safety Authority says the safety campaign will also encourage people to make sure they service their fuel burning appliances, and if they do need to be repaired, to make sure they hire a qualified contractor.

Spokesperson Alexandra Campbell says just like people are encouraged to be responsible for their health, they also need to be focused on their safety.

The campaign will cap off November 24 at the Allandale Recreational Centre where police, fire and paramedics will be on hand with information and displays, and there will be activities for children.