Complaints of noisy exhaust lead to a few charges against a Bradford man

Police say they found cannabis in the vehicle and plenty out of place under the hood

A young man is in hot water with the law after police say they found plenty out of place in his vehicle.

Officers reached out to the 18-year-old man about a month ago to advise him complaints had been filed about a noisy exhaust on his car. Similar complaints came in on Wednesday. When an officer went to speak to the man in person, they say a modified exhaust system was found on the vehicle.

Officers kept an eye on the vehicle and say it was subsequently clocked at 79 kilometres an hour in a 50 zone. The vehicle was pulled over and police say cannabis was seen in the front seat with the driver.

South Simcoe Police added the vehicle’s secondary braking system had been disconnected, emission control equipment was missing, the power steering line had been disconnected, and the vehicle had a bald tire.

The Bradford teen has been charged and has to attend the Ministry of Transportation for further vehicle testing and examination.