Conservative motion seeks support to order senators to pass carbon pricing bill


Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre wants MPs to order the “unelected” Senate to pass a Tory bill that would take the carbon price off natural gas and propane used on farms. 

Poilievre introduced a motion in the House of Commons this morning looking to send a message to senators to pass Bill C-234.

The House already passed the private member’s bill, and all but three Liberal MPs voted against it.

It would remove carbon pricing from natural gas and propane used to heat farm buildings and grain dryers for eight years.

It has been the subject of heated debate in the Senate, with one senator saying that online attacks from people who want the bill passed recently led to a threat that forced her to leave her home on the advice of police.

Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault says the Conservatives didn’t think the Senate “was so unelected” when they tried to have the Senate block Liberal bills.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published Nov. 28, 2023

Banner image via The Canadian Press