Cooking fire in Gravenhurst did a million dollars in damage

Fire service says BBQ was too close to the wall

A fire in Gravenhurst caused significant damage but officials say it could have been much worse.

At around 6 p.m. Monday, Gravenhurst Fire got the call to a home on Chickadee Lane with reports of a cooking fire. A resident had been cooking on a BBQ that the fire service says was placed too close to the exterior wall, causing the wooden structure to catch fire. The blaze extended up the outside wall and into the home’s attic despite the resident’s efforts with a fire extinguisher.

Flames were brought under control quickly, but due to the extent of spread, firefighters remained on the scene for several hours to ensure no further spread. Crews from Bracebridge Fire provided backup as personnel were rotated in and out due to the heat and humidity of the day.

Damage is estimated at $1,000,000 but the fire service points out nobody got hurt.

“Due to the nature and spread of this fire, it illustrated the need to respect the recommendations of the manufacturer with respect to placement, and the need to be fully attentive and present whenever these appliances are in use,” said Gravenhurst Fire Chief Jared Cayley. “Cooking related fires remain the leading cause of fires in Ontario.”

Feature image: Gravenhurst Fire Service