Council temporarily lifts select ban on dogs at Innisfil Beach Park

Remember to pick up after your pet

You and your four-legged friend will have a little more breathing room when walking Innisfil Beach Park.

At its latest meeting, Innisfil council voted to allow dogs at Innisfil Beach Park whenever they like, by way of a temporary by-law amendment. Prior to this, dogs were not permitted at the park during the day on weekends and stat holidays, along with a few other restrictions. This move removes those restrictions, for now. “With parking currently limited to residents-only in and around Town beaches, we’ve seen an increase of residents and their families—including their dogs—using Innisfil Beach Park,” said Mayor Lynn Dollin. “This temporary amendment to the Parks By-law allows people to bring their furry pal with them when they go out for some fresh air and exercise.”

The measure is a temporary one while parking lots remain for residents only, but the prohibition would be put back in place if need be. Dogs must remain on a leash at all times and are not allowed on designated beach areas or sports fields at the park. Residents are urged to pick up after their pets.