Council Votes Down GO Stations Name Change Despite Tourism Hopes

City Hall Opts Not to Ratify Last Week's Exploratory Move

April 9th

Despite an initial vote for exploring name changes, council has opted to leave everything status quo at Barrie’s two GO stations.

The notion was initially approved at the April 1st meeting at City Hall, to liaise with Metrolinx and find out what obstacles there would be in changing both station names. Instead of ratifying that decision at the most recent meeting of council, it was voted down.

April 1st

City Hall is mulling over changing up the names of Barrie’s two GO train stations.

Monday night’s meeting had council vote to send off correspondence to Metrolinx, inquiring about all the steps and costs associated with changing the name of train stations.

The notion came via Councillor Mike McCann, who says switching up the name to something more descriptive would prompt others to come up from the GTA to see the city. “I have a real issue with the name. And as a guy who specializes in marketing and sales, it doesn’t really make any sense, from the outside looking in.” said McCann at Monday night’s meeting, “I mean that Barrie corridor… Wouldn’t that just be beautiful if we invited that corridor down to our waterfront with no cars and big wallets?”

No new station names have been floated, as this is a preliminary step in the process. A process that Mayor Jeff Lehman says he’s been through before. “The naming of the stations was, in the case of the Allandale Waterfront Station, one which was very hotly debated in the community. We received hundreds and hundreds of comments and input. We actually had to get some clearance from Metrolinx to have a station name as long as Allandale Waterfront.”